Building the BCCD

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These instructions outline the process of setting up a working build environment for the Bootable Cluster CD (BCCD).

1. Download and unpack a Debian chroot environment, or create one yourself.

sudo tar xjf chroot-<arch>.tar.bz2

2. Enter the chroot:

sudo chroot chroot-<arch> /bin/bash

3. Optional but recommended. Get a local copy of all the third party sources:

wget # 600-some MB
tar xf garchive.tar -C /
# fix permissions
chmod a+x /var/www/garchive
chmod a+x /var/www/garchive/*
chmod -R a+r /var/www/garchive 

This creates an archive of third party source tarballs in /var/www/garchive that the build scripts can access later on. This helps avoid stalls due to download failures during the build process.

4. Enter the CVS checkout and update it:

su - bccd
cd bccd
cvs login
# hit return when prompted for a password
cvs up

5. Start the build process:

cd meta/lnx-bbc
make singularity_GARCH=<arch> build # where <arch> is one of: ppc, i386
# wait a long time

6. Grab the ISO and burn it to a CD:

cp work/main.d/bccd-*.iso ~
# use your favorite burner here

Comments or questions? Contact Toby.