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Make a zero'd 16MB file.

  • dd if=/dev/zero of=initrd-2.4.32.img bs=16M count=1

Format it with ext2.

  • mke2fs initrd-2.4.32.img

Make the initrd directory.

  • sudo mkdir /mnt/initrd

Mount it over the loopback device:

  • sudo mount initrd-2.4.32.img /mnt/initrd -o loop

Install the modules.

  • sudo make modules_install

Copy them over

  • mkdir -p /mnt/initrd/lib/modules/2.4.32
  • cp -R /lib/modules/2.4.32/* /mnt/initrd/lib/modules/2.4.32

Unmount and zip.

  • umount /mnt/initrd
  • gzip initrd-2.4.32.img

Then copy the rest of the files over from the old RAM disk.