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Conversation with skylar@im.cs.earlham.edu at 2006-03-22 20:55:05 on kevin@im.cs.earlham.edu/Gaim (jabber)

(20:55:05) Skylar Thompson: You know what we could do with gen_stating?
(20:55:15) Skylar Thompson: /stating/staging
(20:55:22) Kevo: umm, no, but I have a feeling you're going to tell me?
(20:55:36) Skylar Thompson: Yup.
(20:55:36) Kevo: (and a final slash ;) )
(20:56:10) Skylar Thompson: How would you feel about executing mksingularity at the end of gen_staging, instead of just prompting for it?
(20:56:29) Skylar Thompson: I guess you're not guarenteed to want to generate an ISO right off the bat, but an option might be nice.
(20:56:43) Kevo: actually, I thought about that, but I'm not ready to do that yet.
(20:56:51) Skylar Thompson: This'll let people without much experience take a BCCD and our changes, and only have to execute one script to make the liberation ISO.
(20:56:54) Kevo: Specifically because of the stripping business
(20:57:02) Kevo: that makes sense
(20:57:06) Kevo: then we should have some optinos
(20:57:31) Kevo: let the dead simple script run without any options do the standard thing,
(20:57:38) Kevo: one of the options could be to stop at stages
(20:57:40) Kevo: okay
(20:57:56) Kevo: I like the idea
(20:58:08) Skylar Thompson: Yeah.
(20:58:42) Skylar Thompson: It's not really clear to me how the end product is going to be distributed, but it could just be a CVS checkout from us, a stock BCCD ISO from UNI, and some documentation on what to do with them.
(20:59:14) Kevo: yeah, that's my thinking too
(20:59:26) Kevo: I'm not sure where this is going, so I'm sort of just developing for myself
(20:59:34) Kevo: and making sure to keep up with documentation as best as I can
(21:00:01) Kevo: it occurs to me
(21:00:23) Kevo: after having committed the permissions changing of the group thing (g=u. ..)
(21:00:39) Kevo: that that is only helpful to you and me because we are developing on the same machine
(21:01:07) Skylar Thompson: Right.
(21:01:09) Kevo: meaning we can write and copy files without having to sudo all the time
(21:01:15) Kevo: I don't know why I got so into it then
(21:01:16) Skylar Thompson: So maybe we should have a separate permission cleanup script for our own uses?
(21:01:24) Kevo: that would make more sense, yes
(21:01:28) Kevo: much more
(21:01:34) Kevo: no
(21:01:37) Kevo: actually no
(21:01:38) Skylar Thompson: It is very useful for us, because we both need write access to the same files, but we don't want to f'ing up the permissions within the BCCD.
(21:01:48) Kevo: if we're going to package this up for others
(21:01:52) Skylar Thompson: Your script does that, whereas mine was more indiscriminate.
(21:02:13) Kevo: it's likely that someone else will be developing in pairs as well
(21:02:19) Kevo: so we should leave the option in
(21:02:24) Kevo: if we're going to make a big script
(21:02:27) Kevo: and include it in the options
(21:02:53) Kevo: very much more, if we start coalescing these scripts, we should either really start to functionalize the bash, or I'd suggest moving to Perl
(21:03:19) Kevo: we're kind of just ragtagging it now to make it work, yes?
(21:03:43) Kevo: what do you think?
(21:04:19) Kevo: I seem to have lost you . . .
(21:04:27) Skylar Thompson: Perl might not be a bad idea.
(21:04:46) Skylar Thompson: I think we're both more familiar with Perl than bash, and it's more powerful anyways.
(21:05:22) Skylar Thompson: Sorry about the delays; I'm playing Freeciv with my girlfriend while doing BCCD stuff. :)
(21:05:32) Kevo: well, power is relative. I just discovered that you can do regular expressions natively in bash, and it has a host of tools sort of built into
(21:05:33) Kevo: haha
(21:05:51) Kevo: but I can get with the fact the we're stronger with perl
(21:06:05) Kevo: and it's guaranteed at least to be on our development environments and that of the BCCD
(21:06:26) Kevo: I think we can start with something like that next Wednesday night
(21:06:47) Kevo: I'm about to pooh out because I've got a history paper to start writing. I'm likely to bow out for the rest of the week.
(21:06:57) Skylar Thompson: Yeah.
(21:06:59) Skylar Thompson: That works for me.
(21:07:07) Skylar Thompson: Good luck on that paper.
(21:07:19) Kevo: Thanks. I'm going to post this conversation to the notes, k?
(21:08:28) Skylar Thompson: Sounds good.