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There are many materials that can not easially be recycled here in Richmond but can be recycled by companies outside of Richmond. For various reasons, it is not currently cost effective for Earlham to ship recyclable materials long distances, but the following options do exist in neighboring counties.

The following items can be recycled outside Earlham:

  • 1. Plastics #3-#7? see below ...
  • 2. Plastic shopping bags? collected in containers at Wal-mart ... see also below
  • 3. Paperboard (thin cardboard) recycling facilities in Oxford, Ohio accept thin cardboard mingled with all forms of paper ... see also below

The closest paperboard (non-corrugated cardboard) recycling facility is East Central Recycling, 701, East Centennial, Muncie, In (765) 282-1900 Jason King of East Central Recycling roughly estimated a Richmond pick-up charge of $120/bale. They would pay $20/ton for baled paperboard and would be willing to supply a box compactor that creates bales with minimal baling labor and no baling wire. Buck is the Sales Rep.

East Central Recycling also buys baled corrugated cardboard, but Earlham is committed to recycling this material as well as office paper, newspaper, and plastics 1 & 2 through Richmond Sanitary Recycling.

A local facility that accepts bales of clean plastics, sorted by numbers 1 through 7, is My Way Trading, located at 308 NW "F" Street, Richmond, In. They've been in business here in Richmond for about 4 years and have been doing this for about 17 years total in other locations such as New Paris,Ohio.

Bo Mattix of My Way Trading says we could bale our #3 - #7 plastics, as long as they're clean, by placing a layer of cardboard at the bottom of the type of container we presently collect cardboard in, and another layer of cardboard at the top of a plastics load, then smash it with the cardboard baler, strap it, wrap it with shrink wrap, and place it on a skid. They would also take bales composed entirely of plastic shopping bags. The following quoted procedure was supplied by Bo:

   On the plastic scrap it can be of mixed materials in bales from a baler,
   as we spoke of earlier on pallets. Containers would need to be rinsed out.
   What you can not have is any containers that had any chemicals in them( no
   cross bones) or anything over a #1 Hazmat. No trash, like paper cups or
   fast food products. Now we do work with Recycling Center and get plastic
   scrap from them, so keep the program with them and we can call them to let
   them know its ok to do and to add it to a load we get from them. They are
   more capable of handling and storing this. Just let me know if this is
   something you want to do and we'll let them know. If any questions feel
   free to call. Thanks,
   Bo Mattix  mywaytrading@myvine.com

Again, Earlham is committed to recycling plastics 1 & 2 through Richmond Sanitary Recycling.