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If you're a sysadmin you want the information about the Slurm scheduler instead of Torque. This page is only for reference and to satisfy idle curiosity about how we did this in days of yore.

Archival Torque notes

Installing torque

Uninstalling Torque from modules

Torque should always be a system program, not a module. These are the steps for pollock, as done by Charlie. Substitute appropriate server names, and note that different systems have different ways of configuring software to launch on system start.

  • uninstall torque from modules
    • Make a tarball of /mounts/pollock/software/torque and save it to the root or sysadmin directory (this will save you problems)
    • rm -rf /mounts/pollock/software/Modules/MODVER/modulefiles/torque
    • rm -rf /mounts/pollock/software/torque
    • check with “module avail”
  • uninstall boost from modules
    • as above with s/torque/boost/
  • install torque dependencies
    • yum install libxml2-devel openssl-devel gcc gcc-c++ boost boost-devel
  • (aside, install locate, yum install mlocate and updatedb as root)
  • (aside, fix modules install, cleanup /etc/bashrc, profile, and profile.d/; this fixed the MANPATH problem too)
  • (aside, fix the python 3.5 install, s/bronte/pollock in setup files, change to correct version (3.6), reset paths)