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Stuff done while setting up the multi-purpose server, fourty-two.

  • Basic FreeBSD 6.1-Release (Needs to be upgraded to 6.2)
    • Two users: root (secure password), admin (insecure). Both using Bash.
    • Enable both NICs: (0), (1).
    • Setup partitions. Need to look into logical partitions. 2T of space still unused.
      • /tmp: 500M
      • /usr: 5G
      • /var: 3G
      • /backup: 260G
    • Bash
    • SSHD
    • Sudo
    • Put admin user in group "wheel" and give wheel full sudo permissions in the sudoers file (using visudo).
  • rsnapshot
    • Public ssh keys for root users between Quark and Fourty-two.
    • Edit /usr/local/etc/rsnapshot.conf. (White space is "tab" not "space." Applies to all of rsnapshot.conf.)
      • backup root@quark:/clients quark/
      • snapshot_root /backup/
      • cmd_ssh /usr/bin/ssh
      • #backup /home/ localhost/
      • #backup /etc/ localhost/
      • #backup /usr/local/ localhost/
    • Add cron job for rsnapshot to run peridically.
  • wget
  • Nagios
    • sudo portupgrade -N nagios
    • Copy cfgs from babbage:/usr/local/etc/nagios into fourty-two:/usr/local/etc/nagios/old-cfgs
    • Copy cfgs from nagios/old-cfgs to nagios/
    • Check cfgs: sudo nagios -v /usr/local/etc/nagios/nagios.cfg
    • Modify old config files to account for new version of nagios (was 1.x on Babbage, now using 2.0 on 42):
  • Apache 2.2
    • sudo portupgrade -N apache
      • No to all except "apache2.2"