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  • Upgrade the clients utilities from the ports in /usr/ports/databases/postgresql-version-client
  • Shutdown the server and restart it.

pg_ctl -m fast stop && pg_ctl start

You might have to do a

postmaster -D /usr/local/pgsql/data

if there's a problem with the new client utilities when you're starting the server.

  • Do a dump of all databases as the pgsql user:

pg_dumpall > pg.dump

  • Backup all the configuration files. If you are the pgsql user:

cp $HOME/data/*.{conf,key,crt} $HOME

  • Upgrade the server from the port in /usr/ports/databases/postgresql-version-server
  • Delete the old database directory:

rm -fr $HOME/data

  • Remake it:

initdb && cp $HOME/*.{conf,crt,key} $HOME/data

  • Start the server as the pgsql user:

pg_ctl start

  • Start the restore as the pgsql user:

psql < pg.dump