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  • Project title:

MovieLens Data Sets

Project data set

  • This data set contains 10000054 ratings and 95580 tags applied to 10681 movies by 71567 users of the online movie recommender service MovieLens.
  • Link to data set:
Project Tasks
  1. Identifying and downloading the target data set
  • The downloaded data is on cluster at: /cluster/home/mmludin08/Big-Data-M
  1. Data cleaning and pre-processing
  • The original data was in the .dat format. one perl script and a python script was written to change the formate and clean the data.
  1. Load the data into your Postgres instance
  • After the cleaning the data was uploaded to cluster and laptop machine.
  1. Develop queries to explore your ideas in the data
  • SQL statements with results are on cluster: /cluster/home/mmludin08/Big-Data-M
  1. Develop and document the model function you are exploring in the data
  2. Develop a visualization to show the model/patterns in the data
Tech Details
  • Node: as7
  • Path to storage space: /scratch/big-data/mobeen
  • The visualization(s)
  • The story