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Server Pre-Processing

  • Read HTTP Request
  • Identifies language
    • Adds language to JS app
  • Sends JS app to client

Javascript Pre-Processing Package

  • Comes up with a network throughput estimation
    • Sends AJAX request and time
    • Loop Script 10 Times
      • Having problems with order of execution.
        • The AJAX requests appear to be happening at once messing up my timings
        • Thinking instead of using a for loop to have a function file on complete of the call
    • Take average
  • Check for cookie
  • Reads screen size
  • Send data back to server in array

PHP Post-Processing Package

  • Reads information from the JS app
  • Using screen size, the request is categorized
  • Specific CSS matching that category is loaded
  • Using language, the content is translated
  • Image and video optimization is done that matches the category * Script and styles are run through a compressor
  • HTTP requests are combined
  • Adds override interface
  • Generates cookie
  • Sends content