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Current state:
Current state:
'''Date Last Updated:'''
'''Date Last Updated:'''

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Name of Task: Layout Layout

People Involved: Eli

Date Started: 2018

Deadline: December 2018


Layout is a 4 node cluster (including the head node). Layout nodes come in two varieties - one model we have 3 of, and there's another model that we just have one of. That "odd duck out" should be our head node - I believe it is currently node 3, this should be confirmed with visual inspection.


Visual inspection completed. The "odd duck" already has lo0 set as its local hostname, so it seems like reconfiguration of the current head node into lo4 and some DNS work should be able to make the new head its proper self. Might need to do some qsub config too, need to look into software setup for cluster behavior a little more.

Current state:

Layout layout.jpg

Date Last Updated: