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Mar 15-16 3 hours. Ran into some errors when installing the ADT plugin. Needed to sudo apt-get install eclipse-pde. The download and installation process took lots of time because of the slow internet connection I was using. Much thanks to Gustavo for his help
Mar 17 - Completed basic "Hello World" Tutorial on Ubuntu 10.04 4.0.3 Download
Mar 20 - 2 hours Tried to get POSIT imported into my ADT and could not get past a number of errors
Mar 25 - 3 hours Discovered that I had older versions of both the ADT and Eclipse. The current POSIT client will only work with the latest versions
Mar 28 - 2 hours Repeated previous processes to set up the current ADT in the newest version of Eclipse
APR 7 - 3 hours. Worked with gustavo on getting our device registered with the Bs0 server
Apr 9 - 1 hour
Apr 15- 4 hours. Successfully connected the phone to the server and sync! Identified and located our new bug (make background on google maps work). Was able to create a simple application which displayed google maps correctly by following this tutorial: [1].
Apr 19-20, 2 hours. Created a tutorial in the wiki for how to enable google maps. Researched how to return the value from the temperature sensors. Wrote a small app which returns the temperature readings from phone.
Apr 28, 1 Hours. Worked on returning the correct values for temperature
Apr 29, 3 Hours. Worked on getting tracker information to display temperature