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Mar 6 - 2 hours: Installed Android SDK, Eclipse on Ubuntu 10.10; built and ran Hello World:

March 25 - 1 hour: Updated Eclipse to Indigo release. Installed current ADT. Downloaded necessary API dependencies.

April 1 - 2 hours: Attemped to register device with server, failed.

April 8 - 1 hour: Struggled with errors regarding connecting to local server, ultimately unresolved.

April 15 - 4 hours: Connected to server, synced finds with project on server. Created project in Eclipse capable of displaying google maps. Added functionality to POSIT.

April 22 - 4 hours: Read through documentation on how to read sensor values and how they are managed. Created project in Eclipse capable of writing ambient temperature values to log.

April 29 - 4 hours: Identified location of points in tracker activity where points are being updated, added temperature as an attribute to keep track of. Updated tracker UI to display temperature values.