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# plug in a keyboard
# plug in a keyboard
# alt+f4
# alt+f4
# restart the PC OR execute the start script
# restart the PC or execute the start script from the terminal
= On Display =
= On Display =

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This kiosk is located on the first floor of Dennis near the green zone. It's currently intended to display anything related to energy that HIP/Green Science creates.


Acer T272HL bmidz


  • mounted upside down
  • wires enclosed
    • very little slack available
  • original stand removed picture
  • plate at bottom of monitor removed picture


  • tucked away in the ceiling directly above the monitor
  • PC runs a script upon startup to invert touch/video and start Firefox
    • script is located on the desktop of the Kiosk user
  • Firefox uses the R-kiosk extension
    • run firefox in safe mode to get out of R-kiosk


  • purchased in the Fall of 2013
  • 27-inch Touch Screen
  • 1920x1080 resolution
  • 100x100 Vesa compatible
  • DVI / HDMI / VGA ports
  • built-in speakers
  • USB-in cable carries touch data
  • USB-out hub with three ports on monitor's left side
  • 65 watt power consumption
  • VA/TFT panel with 5ms GTG and a 60hz refresh rate


Start Script

  • located in the Desktop directory
  • refreshes the screen every 5 minutes

Code goes here.


  1. plug in a keyboard
  2. alt+f4
  3. restart the PC or execute the start script from the terminal

On Display