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Google Summer of Code -- Terms of Service

Complete Terms. The highlights are below:

Mentor Organizations: Mentor organizations are individuals, groups, organizations and/or businesses engaged in the development and distribution of free and/or open source software. By submitting an application to participate as a mentor organization in the Google Summer of Code 2006 program, the mentor organization agrees to provide the following:

Need (very) soon:

  1. A pool of project ideas for students to choose from, publicly published by the mentor organization
  2. A person or persons available to take in student ideas should they not find something that appeals to them
  3. A person or persons available to review the incoming student applications targeted to the organization and to decide which applications should be accepted, meaning development begins on the accepted student proposals
  4. A person or persons to monitor the progress of the students and mentor them as the project proceeds (hereafter mentor(s))
  5. A mentor or mentors ready to take over for the aforementioned mentor(s) in the event s/he is unable to continue providing guidance to the accepted student applicant (e.g. goes on vacation)

Not so pressing:

  1. A written evaluation of each student developer, including how they worked with the group, if they should be invited back should we do another Summer of Code, etc.
  2. All necessary tax forms or other tax related documentation required to provide payment to the organization.