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2011 Earlham College England Program

Who we are: {list of students}, Andrew Fitz Gibbon (program assistant), Charlie Peck (program leader)

On-line Resources

  • Trip planner
  • Useful FIE pages



Science, Technology and Society

Where Things Are

  • Add FIE, excursions (tied to calendar entries?)

<googlemap version="0.9" lat="51.544728" lon="-0.126233" zoom="11" selector="no"> 51.510946, -0.126922 Charlie and Fitz 51.592528, -0.149678 Sandra and McKayla 51.597736, -0.124328 Lily, Johanna, and Eva 51.550928, -0.134289 Kyrstnell and Gillian 51.554881, -0.160322 Emily and Vivian 51.495061, -0.183797 FIE </googlemap>