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Third Pass Notes

For Reviewers:

  • Protected namespace for reviewers called "Grading"
  • Grading page will be a matrix with the left column being the unit template outline, followed by an integer value from 0-3 for each unit for each item on the template
    • 0: Nothing?
    • 1: Minimal effort
    • 2: It's coming along...
    • 3: Good stuff
  • If the value is less than 3 for any part of a unit, comments will be written below for that section/subsection for that unit
  • Calendar test: Ian
  • Syllabus: Charlie
    • Copy-editing: Kay and Ian
  • TA tasks: pending labs' completion
  • (Realistic deadline: end of May)
  • Lab requirements should (theoretically) be in each unit.
  • Catalog description: already written?

Second Pass Notes

  • Each of the reviewers (Ian, Kay, Charlie) will review 6 units; Kay starts with What's a Model, Ian with Visualization, and Charlie Agent Based.
  • All of our comments should go in-line in the unit's wiki page using the appropriate color. Let's not also send them an email with additional comments.
  • We should be finished reviewing the second drafts by Friday March 13th.
  • Use the unit template as a guideline - 0, 1, 2 points for each top-level heading (not home, somewhat viable, seems reasonable)
  • Have they addressed all comments? (Class wiki, unit wiki, emailed notes)
  • Review the lab section closely, this will be the focus of the next draft. Are the process and the outcomes specified clearly? Materials?
  • Do all the questions have answers? CRS and quiz questions?
  • Completeness check WRT the assignment page
  • Is the reading section broken-down? Are the particular sections to be read identified?
  • Lecture notes: is what needs to be taught adequately outlined? At least so the teacher knows what needs to be covered?

First Pass Notes

For everyone (mostly):

  • Make sure you have an abstract, and overview of the unit's intent and purpose
  • Draw up estimates of the cost of your unit for the worst case scenario (80 students)
  • Questions? Silly? Too hard?

General process for the first draft review:

  • Use copy and paste to insert comments into each unit.
  • Whenever we make a review comment on a page, add the "Reviewer" tag so that the wiki can track comments for us.
  • Charlie will take care of tracking when things are turned-in and deducting points as need be.
  • Reviewer colors - Ian = darkmagenta, Charlie = red, Kay = blue, Dylan = green

Review checklist for the first draft review:

  • completeness check WRT the assignment page
    • is each item addressed with more than a header?
  • layout, does this show clear thinking about the presentation? will this develop
  • read background reading, make sure they make sense and are relevant
    • is it reasonable
    • is there enough, too much
    • is it at the right level