Blower Door Software Setup Instructions

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Getting Started

  1. Locate your encrypted software license certificate file, it must be imported into Door Fan 3.0 to license your software and configure it to run with your equipment calibrations.

Save the file to your computer:

  1. Open My Documents (Vista users will open Documents). The My Documents folder opens.
  2. Right-Click in the My Documents folder, click New, click Folder. A new folder is created in the My Documents folder.
  3. Rename the new folder ~Retrotec~.
  4. Depending on your email software, Save or Copy the attached file to the Retrotec folder (\My Documents\Retrotec). Download the latest version of Door Fan 3.0
  5. If the latest version has already been downloaded, skip to Install Door Fan 3.0.
  6. Go to:
  7. Scroll down to Download the Latest Version and find the most recent version of Door Fan 3.0. Download the correct testing standards for your region. Note: Users in Alaska should download the CGSB 149.10 version. Users in Ireland should download the EN13829 version.

Install Door Fan 3.0

  1. If Door Fan 3.0 has already been installed, skip to Using Door Fan 3.0.
  2. Double-click the Door Fan 3.x.exe file and install the software.

Using Door Fan 3.0 Download the Door Fan 3.0 user manual for additional assistance.

Set up Door Fan 3.0

  1. Double-click the Door Fan 3.0 icon on the desktop (Vista users will need to right-click on the icon, and click Run-As Administrator).
  2. Click on Options on the top menu bar. Select Settings. Select the desired units of measurement and language. Click OK.
  3. Click on the Equipment tab. Click Manage Certificates.
  4. Click Import New Certificate.
  5. Browse to the My Documents\Retrotec\ folder. Select the .txt file that was saved in step 4 and click Open then Use This Certificate. The certificate is imported and Door Fan 3.0 is configured for your equipment. You can begin testing via the Test tab. Set up a DM2 for automatic testing (for users of Q32, Q46, Q56, Q4E, Q5E, and QMG systems)
  6. Close Door Fan 3.0 if it is open.
  7. Download and save the DM2 Device Installer from:
  8. Turn the DM2 on, and use the USB cable to connect it to an available USB port on the computer. IMPORTANT: DM2 Must be connected to USB before you run its installer.
  9. Run the DM2 Device Installer.
  10. The Windows New Hardware wizard should automatically start and find the DM2 device drivers (repeat this step for each DM-2 you wish to use).
  11. Run Door Fan 3.0
  12. To verify that the DM2(s) are connected, open Door Fan 3.0, click Options. Scroll over Help and select

About when it appears. A list of connected DM2s appears.