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We have two tools for benchmarking our servers, which are Sysbench and Geekbench. The two tools were tested on pollock. Sysbench is useful for evaluating the basic performance of the machine, while Geekbench is able to provide more details of the machine even with its free features(Geekbench has paid features, but they are not important in our cases).

How to install

Sysbench: Depending on the OS. On centos: yum install sysbench

Geekbench: wget Untar the tarball

How to Use

A bash script of using sysbench(tested on pollock):

    • #!/bin/bash
    • sysbench cpu --cpu-max-prime=20000 run >> Benchmark.txt
    • sysbench fileio --file-total-size=150G prepare >> Benchmark.txt
    • sysbench fileio --file-total-size=150G --file-test-mode=rndrw --init-rng=on --max-time=300 --max-**requests=0 run >> Benchmark.txt
    • sysbench memory --threads=2 run >> Benchmark.txt

The script of using Geekbench is at /mount/pollock/software/geekbench

A more detailed description of the two tools could be found at

For statistical profiling of a program: Cluster:Gprof