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Academic Requirements

These are the Earlham College General Education Requirements.

The CS Department major and minor requirements can be found [[1]].

We will attempt to keep this up to date, and it should be up to date as of Jan 9 2017. If that's a while ago, check elsewhere.

Humanities 6 credits
Natural Sciences 6 credits
Social Sciences 6 credits
Visual & Performing Arts 6 credits
Writing Intensive Course within your major (for most majors)
Earlham Seminar I & II
Abstract OR Quantitive Reasoning 1 Course (3 Credits)
Domestic Diversity 1 Course (3 Credits)
International Diversity 1 Course (3 Credits)
Language 2 Courses (10 Credits)
Wellness 4 Activity Courses OR

(1 2+ Credit Analysis course AND 2 Activity Courses)

A season of a sport counts as 2 Activity Courses

  • In the Humanities, 100-level language courses do not count toward the divisional requirement.
  • Courses cross-listed between divisions will by default count towards the professor’s home division. Students may petition the Registrar’s Office to request that the course count towards the cross-listed division, should the need arise.
  • Any courses offered by departments or faculty with no clear divisional association will need to propose a rationale for divisional association, if one is desired. All proposals should be submitted in unit plans, with consultation with the convener of the target division.
  • If no divisional association is requested, the course will not fulfill any divisional distribution requirements.
  • Courses with unexpected or non-existent divisional associations will be clearly marked in the Curriculum Guide.