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Science Friday Mintues - 2005-11-18

Present: Lori Watson, Meg Streepey, Jennifer Zeibarth, John Iverson, Bill Buskirk, Mike Diebel, Charlie Peck

Keck Proposal - We discussed if we should use metals or pesticides as the basis of our Keck proposal, after some discussion we settled on metals. They aren't seasonal and they are easier to store. We have Will Stratton's mercury gear, etc. Mercury, lead, cadmium, arsenic, etc. Point sources like RP&L, Johns Manville. Chemistry is going to write a proposal to the Borman Foundation for an ultrasonic nebulizer.

Our proposal can use metals for the phase that Keck is funding, and mention that going forward, with Earlham's support, that we will consider pesticides as the basis for phase II. We should think hard about if it would ever be practical to base curriculum modules on pesticides given their seasonal nature and how difficult it is to store samples. It might make more sense to find something else to mention for phase II.

New Science Facilities - How can we support Doug's effort to have both science and arts facilities as prominent parts of the upcoming capital campaign without frustrating the folks in fine arts? John reported that there appears to be a certain amount of "us vs them" talk happening. This won't serve either project well and we should work to reduce this tension. We agreed to bring it up at Sci Div lunch before the end of the semester.

A couple of us have heard first and second hand reports from the donors A/D are discussing the campaign menu with that, in effect, it isn't obvious that we need new science facilities, particularly in the way it's obvious that we need new fine arts facilities. Over the break Charlie will work on some prose to try and address this.

Summer Funding - The letter and spreadsheet for Len are ready to go, Lori will send them to him. Given the size of our shortfall we may need to meet with Len to find ways to bridge the gaps.