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"Over-ambitious projects: the theme of this semester!"

March Deliverables

We use Eclipse for software development. We highly recommend using it to check out our project from CVS, run the program & tests, etc. There's a local copy in codd:/p0/tmcnulty.

As requested from Chris' email:

1) API Documentation

2) Test harness (with instructions) for the API

  • We use JUnit, and it must run from Eclipse (for now). Other hooks (to use it) coming soon. (Alex & Colin?)
  • See the AllTests documentation for instructions on running the tests in Eclipse.
  • For information about the test case coverage see the Schema Tests and Source Tests

3) Data store information

  • The data dictionary itself
    • Postgres database 'tobias' on millie; user 'tobias' password 'tobias' (will replace this with a bar database once that's setup)
  • Scripts/instructions for creating the schema in the database instance
    • There are none because this is done dynamically by our code. (Based on SourceDefinition, see above URL.)
  • Scripts/instructions to populate the database with your data sources and their source information
    • See above pointer. Just run the java program, and the Scheduler will take care of all the nitty/gritty details.