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NOTE: Steps on this page have not yet been tested, so please do not rely on them until we have vetted it.

We support several applications that run through the X Window System. These include...

  • Logisim (POCO)
  • an implementation of OpenGL (Graphics)

As a user

If you run...

  • a Mac: your machine should already run X Quartz, so a simple ssh -Y tools.cs.earlham.edu at your Terminal app should open the app appropriately.
  • a Windows 10 machine: ? (we don't support pre-10 versions of Windows)
  • a Linux OS: You probably need nothing extra, so open your terminal and run ssh -Y tools.cs.earlham.edu.

As an admin

Firewall or other issues may cause X forwarding problems, but in general setting up an app to use X forwarding doesn't require much extra work (Logisim, for example, worked "out of the box" with the commands above).