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WebMO is a web interface to the Gaussian chemistry tool maintained in the cluster world. Currently it and Gaussian live on Whedon. The official project website is here and you can access our instance (if you have a WebMO-specific user account) here.

This is a guide for students and others who want to use WebMO.

First time logging in

Some user accounts have been used to log in to WebMO to use Gaussian but others have not. If you have not, you will see a “join group” screen after entering your credentials. (Put another way, for any given user, that screen only appears on the first login, so that the software knows what group to associate each user with. After that, user accounts work as expected.)

Use the `wu*` password (ask a chemistry professor) to join the webmo group.


Sometimes we have had issues with people submitting WebMO/Gaussian jobs from off-campus - specifically, that the web interface would display an error after submitting some jobs (pattern not clear from logs etc.). If this occurs, remain calm because your job is still being run.

To retrieve the job afterward, you can look at your job history in WebMO.

Fixing WebMO off-campus jobs

See this page.