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Content Administration Group



Current Projects

Weekly Projects

  • Week of 4/22
    • Sam - policies writeup, footers script
    • Kay - tweak trac, IRC client embed
  • Week of 4/8
    • Vlado - sitemap cont., e-mail Charlie, Jim, and John for pictures, try putting left include in a different page and see what happens
    • Sam - Green Science, news/job feeds
    • Kay - Trac + SVN, logos div
  • Week of 4/1
    • Vlado - work on sitemap, come up with a list of pages
    • Sam - update Student Recognitions
    • Kay - Trac + SVN
    • any - Green Science
  • Week of 3/25
    • Sam + Kay - look into "clear center" for index.html, include files versus virtuals
    • Kay - look at alumnidb database
    • Sam - take off Alumnidb link (temporarily), student recognitions page
  • Week of 3/11
    • Sam - CDC (look at thumbnail size doing), News, db connect for perl/php conf files
    • Vlado - sitemap, faculty (ask Tim if he wants to be included), old content group people
    • Kay - get the CDC link, and then also the CDC history stuff
    • Anyone with spare time - look at the icons going under on the left when resizing
  • Week of 2/25
    • Sam - look at email/email.php, put CDC pictures up
  • Week of 2/2
    • Sam - combine two header includes, work on css crossplatform issues, keep looking at Barndoor
    • Vlado - sitemap, content group, faculty/facilities, icons
    • Kay - come of with list of pages that don't virtual header file, ones that still have h1 text
  • Week of 1/29
    • Rearranging layout of the header (Sam)
    • News (Sam) - Talk to Jim about how newsblog.html is being generated from Movable Type and get the MT password
    • Barndoor (Sam) - working example at http://staging.cs.earlham.edu/pages/grads.html#2005
    • Vlado possibilities: sitemap, find virtual includes, faculty/facilities page, remove link to alumniDB, update Content Group page
    • Kay - look at how hard it would be to link .htaccess with NIS username (VERY hard), update wiki for accessing stuff with the content group username
    • Kay - rearrange the todo and make sure we're addressing everything Vlado came up with
  • Week of 1/22 - Update news section (Vlado), remove link to AlumniDB, figure out Movable Type where news is coming from (Sam), rearrange homepage to put news higher up, take off right top phrases, faculty and facilities page, Barndoor (Sam)
  • Week of 1/14 - go through the website and identify problem areas in need of tweaking, updating, etc. Also come up with a list of potential project ideas

Previous Projects