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The Earlham College Weather Station initiative is to provide data as a reference to be used against the energy usage of the campus. This information is useful in many situations including future development of the EC Comprehensive Sustainability Plan and the Energy Wars competitions. The weather station initiative here at Earlham College uses a Davis Vantage Pro 2 Plus system. This system is designed to collect readings of temperature, humidity, wind speed and direction, and UV radiation (among others) and transport that data to the display monitor via cable. The cabled version was chosen for its stability and reliability, The weather station is on the north end of campus on the roof of Dennis Hall.The weather station was constructed in the summer of 2014.

All of the information generated by the weather station is sent to a display monitor located in the CS batcave on the fourth floor of Dennis Hall. The display monitor shows the current readings from the station and sends the information to our machine new-proto using an ethernet cable. We utilize the WeeWX program to move the information from the display monitor to the PostgreSQL database on out new-proto machine.

The data that is generated by the weather station ends up in a PostgreSQL database on our dedicated computer science machine This database is a holding space to store and access our data. It will serve as the source of information for a webpage that will display the data. This webpage is intended to be a portal to connect the students on campus with the direct results of computer science at work.

All documents are courtesy of Davis Instruments.

PDF Documents


hardware configuration using ISS (Integrated Sensor Suite)


WeatherLink (Data Logger, USB version - ignore Windows software descriptions)

Source Links

Cabled Vantage Pro2 Plus with Standard Radiation Shield

index for manufacturer documentation

Use the following command to find the weewx daemon:

  • find / -name "*weewx*" | grep weewxd