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The weather station is a Vantage Pro2 Plus with Standard Radiation Shield. Ours is the cabled version, not the wireless version. The cable was chosen for greater stability and dependability. It will be installed on the roof of Dennis during the 2014 spring semester.

All documents are courtesy of Davis Instruments.

PDF Documents


hardware configuration using ISS (Integrated Sensor Suite)


WeatherLink (Data Logger, USB version - ignore Windows software descriptions):

Source Links

Cabled Vantage Pro2 Plus with Standard Radiation Shield

index for manufacturer documentation


  • The console collects the data and relays that data to other devices.
  • A maximum of 2560 records can be archived. Individual records are 52 bytes in size and the device has 128K of non-volatile memory. This is the data used by dataloggers.

Use the following command to find the wview daemon:

  • find / -name "*wview*" | grep wviewd
  • I believe it's located in /home/new_weather/wview-5.21.5/debian/wviewd_vpro.1

vpconfig can be used to configure the VantagePro

  • must stop wviewd before making changes
  • vpconfig /dev/ttyUSB1

use this to configure storing archived data to a psql database

  • I don't know what the SQL export page is
  • you don't need to create a root user as they specify (just use postgres)