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This is the legend for the numbered comments found on assignments.

  • [1] Make it easy to pick-out the important bits, e.g. the area of the space using that tool.
  • [2] Take the average of the readings and then calculate the area, or calculate the areas with each set of readings and then average the areas?
  • [3] Your visualization lacks labels/legend/etc that make it easy to identify what is what, e.g. what tool was used to produce a given value in the first lab.
  • [4] That seems like too much precision given the tool/method in use here.
  • [5] These could be combined into a denser rendering.
  • [6] Use more of the paper (display surface).
  • [7] You did not read the assignment carefully and/or follow the instructions closely.
  • [8] You use a lot of space to communicate a relatively modest amount of information here.
  • [9] If you know that one or more of your assumptions isn't true you should explain why.