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NPR did a couple of interesting segments on Big Data, visualizations, and the search of mathematicians and others who can do that stuff. (December, 2011)

New York Times article from December, 2011 on bioinformatics and visualization, MicJ




  • infographics
  • Big data

The Plan

1) Planning items

  • Are there any field trip opportunities?
  • Figure-out what books to order
  • Figure-out what are the likely conference opportunities?
  • Are there any other tools besides R that we should be considering? GRASS?

2) Things to learn

  • Is there a somewhat canonical process or technique that one can reliably apply to go from readings -> data -> information -> visualization?
  • How to utilize geocoding attributes?
  • How to utilize timestamp attributes?

3) Things to read

4) Things to do during the class

5) Questions

  • Which parts of statistics do people need to know?
    • correlation for PCA
  • What linear algebra do people need to know?
    • matrix operations for PCA

6) Tools

  • R under Linux/OSX

7) Possible students

  • Sam Ward
  • Dakota

8) Possible sources for data sets

  • John Iverson
  • Mike Deibel
  • Kathy Milar