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== First Lab ==  
== First Lab ==  
Measuring the real world.
Measuring the real world. [[File:fk-lab-measuring-world|the PDF]]
== Bread Crumbs ==
== Bread Crumbs ==

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Course Overview

Math/CS 484 -- The goal of our Ford/Knight project is to distill and organize the principles of visualizing large data sets. Modern science is often done by small groups of people that come from diverse backgrounds, e.g. a mathematician, a biologist, and a computer scientist. We plan to solicit input in the form of example data sets to work with from each of the natural and social science departments on campus. This work will provide a foundation for a course, or course module, which we hope to offer in the future. Must see instructor for registration.

First Reading and Tips and Techniques Tour

Listed below are the assignments for each chunk, note that everyone should read the startup materials.

  • Startup - Everyone
  • Web site - Leif
  • Making presentations - Mikel
  • News graphics - Ivan
  • Financial Data - Elena
  • Decision making - Emily
  • Narrative - Dee
  • Aesthetics - Tristan
  • Graphic design - Alex
  • Scientific and engineering - Mobeen
  • Animations - Ryan

As you read your chunks look for bits of guidance, advice, technique, etc. that you feel are useful. Summarize each of these in our Tips and Techniques Google Doc, make sure each entry contains an appropriate citation and follows the pattern/example at the top of the document.

First Lab

Measuring the real world. the PDF

Bread Crumbs

  • Thursday 23 August
    1. Mic's data sets
  • Sunday 26 August
    1. Relative error, absolute error, systematic error, and related topics
    2. Standard deviation
    3. Precision and accuracy


Mic and Charlie's notes