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Sysadmin Responsibilities

Responsibilities Ben Collin Jordan Garrett
Install software on Debian (ACL)
Install software on FreeBSD (servers)
Make a CS user account
Change users CS password
Add DNS & DHCP entry
Being able to edit wiki
Make a CS wiki account
Add people to different groups (ldap)
Modification and maintenance of Nagios
DD a new ACL image
Set up a new ACL
Shut down / start up of the entire machine room
Creating and configuring mailing lists (electron)
Admin list moderating
Backups and restore (bacula)
Create and configure jails

Sysadmin basic Training

Important Notes:

  • ALL of the admin CVS/SVN stuff has been centralized to You'll need to create a username/password for yourself by running (from quark):
htpasswd /usr/local/trac/adminontrac.htpasswd <username>
  • To check out the repository, run (from quark):
svn checkout file:///clients/users/svn/admin

Curent Sysadmins 2013:

SysAdmin Name Year Working time Progress notes
Wilson SO 100% link to notes
Demise SR 100% link to notes
Craig FR 100% link to notes
Zane SO 100% link to notes
Jordan SO 100% link to notes
Sonny JU 100% link to notes
Elena SR 40% link to notes
Kristin JU 40% link to notes
Aaron SR 20% link to notes
Michael SR 0% link to notes

Systems Administration Documentation