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(Sysadmin basic Training)
(Sysadmin basic Training)
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| Installing operating systems (Debian and FreeBSD), including single-user mode || ||  ||  ||
| Installing operating systems (Debian and FreeBSD), including single-user mode || ||  ||  ||
|- Installing packages
| Installing packages
| *nix Filesystem layout || ||  ||  ||
| *nix Filesystem layout || ||  ||  ||

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Sysadmin Responsibilities

This is the basic list of tasks that Earlham CS system administrators are in charge of.

Responsibilities Ben Collin Jordan Garrett
Install software on Debian (ACL)
Install software on FreeBSD (servers)
Make a CS user account
Change users CS password
Add DNS & DHCP entry
Being able to edit wiki
Make a CS wiki account
Add people to different groups (ldap)
Modification and maintenance of Nagios
DD a new ACL image
Set up a new ACL
Shut down / start up of the entire machine room
Creating and configuring mailing lists (electron)
Admin list moderating
Backups and restore (bacula)
Create and configure jails

Sysadmin basic Training

This is the list of skills that our System Administrators are trained during their orientation.

Training Sections Ben Collin Jordan Garrett
Disk partitioning
Installing operating systems (Debian and FreeBSD), including single-user mode
Installing packages
*nix Filesystem layout
Command line tools including I/O redirections and pipes
TCP, UDP and ICMP packets, including 3-way handshake
Network debugging tools (tcpdump, ping, traceroute, netstat)
Simple shell scripting

Sysadmin 2014 to do list:

  • Installing X for Jim - XDM not gdm
  • Setting up an ACL machine in D128 for Galileo
  • John H. Windows software
  • CS user simpler password change
  • Sage
  • Getting rid of Quark
  • Hostname change on ACLs (4 places)
  • Removing mailman form quark
  • Mailman Heather (not all of them accepted the changes electron to cs.earlham.edu)

Systems Administration Documentation


Important Notes:

  • ALL of the admin CVS/SVN stuff has been centralized to trac.cs.earlham.edu/admin. You'll need to create a username/password for yourself by running (from quark):
htpasswd /usr/local/trac/adminontrac.htpasswd <username>
  • To check out the repository, run (from quark):
svn checkout file:///clients/users/svn/admin

Curent Sysadmins 2013:

SysAdmin Name Year Working time Progress notes
Wilson SO 100% link to notes
Demise SR 100% link to notes
Craig FR 100% link to notes
Zane SO 100% link to notes
Jordan SO 100% link to notes
Sonny JU 100% link to notes
Elena SR 40% link to notes
Kristin JU 40% link to notes
Aaron SR 20% link to notes
Michael SR 0% link to notes