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(Stanley Lights / Outlets (120w))
(Stanley Industrial (440w))
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*IP:, Gateway:, Subnet mask
*IP:, Gateway:, Subnet mask
*HOST: power-mon-100055
*HOST: power-mon-100055
*Ethernet port: 098
*Ethernet port: 097
== Software Installation (based on a stale version of powerconfig) ==
== Software Installation (based on a stale version of powerconfig) ==

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Two are in use in Stanley Hall in room "041 Field Ecology" (SCHLAGE-keyed locks) and subroom "801A Electrical" with the same type of lock.

There are two Siemens Sentron PAC3200 devices, it looks like they both need a firmware upgrade: https://support.industry.siemens.com/cs/document/31674577/firmware-update-pac3200-power-monitoring?dti=0&pnid=19789&lc=en-WW

It looks like the "standard" way to interface to these (and similar) devices is through a MODBUS TCP server/gateway. There are a number of these available including a couple of open-source ones. Reference:

Stanley Lights / Outlets (120w)

  • It's the top one.
  • MAC: 20-BB-C6-01-13-F3
  • IP:, Gateway:, Subnet mask
  • HOST: power-mon-100066
  • Ethernet port: 098

Stanley Industrial (440w)

  • It's the bottom one.
  • MAC: 20-BB-C6-00-A2-58
  • IP:, Gateway:, Subnet mask
  • HOST: power-mon-100055
  • Ethernet port: 097

Software Installation (based on a stale version of powerconfig)

Required Cable

  • Ethernet with Modbus TCP/PROFIBUS DP/RS485 with Modbus RTU

Windows only.

  1. Download and install Powerconfig from this awful Seimens website
  2. right click the project and add a PAC3200
  3. under parameters, do the following:
    • change the IP address to one of the IPs above
    • change the Gateway to
    • set Protocol to Modbus TCP
  4. in the menu click Options -> Activate Online View
  5. in the menu click Views -> Measurement/Voltage/Current/Power



  • A low-level standard for communication between hardware devices.



modbus registers

Powerconfig v3.2