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==== Second Visualization Project ====
This is somewhat more prescriptive than the first visualization project. 
Find a story and build a visualization based on ice core data sets.  There are many available, e.g. from multiple locations in Antarctica and other locations.  These data sets typically contain depth, measurements of particulate matter, atmospheric chemical compositions, and various climate and date proxies.  You can choose to analyze/visualize one variable over multiple locations or multiple variables over a single location.  Include at least three dimensions, e.g. location on the earth, depth/date, and climate proxy, or depth/date, chemical marker, and climate proxy, etc. 
Work in pairs:
* Mobeen and Mikel
* Dee and Leif
* Emily and Tristan
* Ryan and Elena
* Ivan and Alex
Use one or more of these toolchains:
* R
* gnuplot
Write-up a plan for your work, include a short description of the story you are telling, the specific data sets employed, and a sketch of the visualization.  This is due in class on Tuesday 6 November.
The final visualization (PDF, etc. and script(s)) is due in class on Tuesday 13 November.

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