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  • 22 March - 45 mins - re-figured out how to make Posit source code load and added instructions to the wiki
  • 23 March - 5 mins - made instructions from 22 March clearer
  • 23 March - 10 mins - made a Posit apk file from downloaded source code
  • 26 March - 1 hr - changed my Posit stuff to the test branch; determined (with Nick) that the language bug is probably that a lot of the French variables are missing.
  • some times between 27 March and 3 April - ? - looked at new bug to work on, read Posit things, worked on Java tutorial
  • 3 April - that time we had at the end of class - dug around in Posit code looking to see where how log files were dealt with
  • 7 April - 1.5 hrs -
    • updated repository to charles.peck client and server
    • built APK:
    • put it on the device and loaded it
    • registered device with our Posit server, username
    • made a few finds and synced them, but could not view the photos from Charlie's finds
  • 9 April - 25 mins -
    • Messed with phone trying to get it to sync - received error "Sync not requested. Server not reachable." upon hitting the "Sync" button.
    • Error is occuring because I have no wireless internet in my room. "Sync not requested" is a poor way to state the error, because I am clearly requesting a sync.
    • Went to place with wireless; still didn't sync but received no error. Made a new find and tried to sync; same result.
  • 10 April - 1.5 hrs
    • Help Aaron with tracking things
    • Try to find a way to delete the log.txt from the phone; there doesn't appear to be one.
    • Fruitlessly look through and its dependencies for clues.
  • some time between 4/10 and 4/13 - argued with VirtualBox to set up a new virtual Debian because my original one was not adjustable and too small for both client and server clones.
  • 4/16 - 1.5ish hours - Leif gave me the tour of the server side file system
  • 4/16 - 3ish hours
    • finish setting everything up in new Virtual Box (the old one was too small)
    • dig around in server-side code, make some edits with Nick. Stuff recorded in Sean's 4/16 notes.
  • 4/18 - 2 hours - discovered that the server-side errors were only printing to standard out; they now also print to the log/log.txt file. Sean's 4/18 notes
  • 4/20 -
    • several hours working through dao.php having things write stuff to log.txt
    • an hour fixing what I broke
  • 4/22 - 30 mins editing what I changed so errors actually say "ERROR: " in the log, so you can tell what's an error and what's not (I forgot to commit this though).
  • 4/24 - 1 hr
    • added more things into dao.php to report failure errors and make log entries for successes.
    • Disocvered a comment in the getFind function (on/near ln754 of dao.php) that says only 1 image can be displayed on the phone, and that it will be the last image.
  • 4/26 - fixed the "ERROR: couldn't fetch image result" error, so now with the find has no image you can still view the page.