QCN Seismic Measurement

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Project Status

HIP's qcn project is hosted on the nagios machine. The ONAVI sensor has a presence on the filesystem at /dev/ttyACM0. Alex Seewald tried using boinc 7.0 (via the debian package) and 7.3.4 (compiled from source). For both instances of BOINC, he attached the project to qcn successfully, configured for our geographical parameters, and set the most permissive preferences to maximize our chances of getting a task allocated. Still, no tasks are allocated.

We cannot check if the sensor is working because QCNLive is incompatible with our operating system.

BOINC Account Information

username: hip@earlham

email: charliep@cs.earlham.edu

password: pinetree

QCN Account Information

Name: earlhamHIP

email: akseewa11@earlham.edu

userid: 59943

password: pinetree

account key: eefe587b20368ae850f13ad9d0ea90a0

URL to use for boinccmd argument: http://qcn.stanford.edu/sensor

A QCN blogpost detailing current project state: http://qcn.stanford.edu/sensor/forum_thread.php?id=1018. Somebody may respond with help.

BOINC Account Manager Information

Name: earlhamHIP

password: pinetree

id: 156933