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As of March 19

  • 3 hours setting up coding environment for Android and compiling 3 versions of the hello world apk. (Available in Distribution Packages)
  • 1 hour setting up the class Wiki
  • 1 hour doing research about Posit

As of April 9th

  • 2 hours figuring out server setup - failed
  • 1 hour figuring out the hg branch
  • 2 hours re setting up environment from new server of bs0 + charlie repository
  • 1 hour looking at the bug fix
  • 2 hours bug fix with Gus. Got no where. Can't figure out are which pieces of code are relavent to the bug

April 12th

  • 2 hours looking at the delete bug with Gus. Good progress on figuring out where to fix the bug. The bug(s) are in the server. Need to know how to commit changes and test in order to fix the bugs.

April 15th

  • 4 hours on delete bug and documenting sever.
    • Delete Fixed: The "Delete Find" button on the server now works. It goes in the mysql database and changed "deleted=1".
    • Found Sync Bug: When you delete a find in the phone, the ormlite deletes the Find from the client database but does not make the server aware of this. Possible solution includes sending the server DAO a request to make "deleted=1" or change the client to old system.
    • Found Redirect Bug: After a Find is deleted, it should redirect back to the project_id but instead just goes to projects. Suggest changing find.project.do in controller/web.php and figure out how to extract the project_id to redirect the link.
    • Images Cycling Bug: Suggest commenting out the foreach loop in /view/template/find_display.php and /view/template/project_display.php.

April 16th

  • 1 hour: Fixed Google Maps on Server: No more API keys required anymore. Please also note that version 2 of google maps is deprecated.
    • Found Focus Error: The map does not zoom to the right location. Issue is that it takes an estimation of the maximum distance of the points and zooms according to that. The point with no geo location is messing this up.

April 19th - 3 hours

  • Cleaned up project.display
  • Added undelete display
  • Implemented undelete function
  • Fixed redirects