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Personnel – Salary & Fringe Benefits (Total 3 year budget $ 227,613 : $201,777 grant funded, $25,836 institutional funding) 48 Faculty weeks per year @ $600 per week + .0765 FICA and Medicare for summer research and curricula work (e.g. 6 faculty x 8 weeks per year) 96 student weeks per year @ $400 per week +.0765 FICA and Medicare for collaboration with faculty in research and curricula work (e.g. 12 students x 8 weeks per year) Administrative Assistant @ $3,000 + .0765 FICA and Medicare + 10% TIAA/CREF as support staff for project director, budget monitoring and purchasing supplies ($67,259 per year grant funded, $8,612 per year institutional funding)

Equipment (Total 3 year budget $100,000 - $80,800 grant funded, $19,200 institutional funding) Large freezer dryer @ $22,500 – drying of biological and soil samples in preparation for digestion and analysis.

Acid digestion system @$25,000 – dissolution of biological and soil samples prior to analysis by GFAAS or ICP-AES

Atomic Absorption Spectrometer – college funded ($19,200) – analysis of low levels of toxic metals such as lead and arsenic

DGPS @$2250 – will be used to precisely locate sampling sites in our remote sampling location (Springwood Lake)

Field monitoring equipment – 4 sets @ $3,000 will include electronic and computer components necessary for the construction of field monitoring stations that will be used to continuously monitor temperature, pH (digital), conductivity, redox potential, pressure, and nitrate levels at our on-campus field site

Field sampling equipment @ $15,000 – will be used to construct our on-campus and remote field sites including construction of a monitoring well and equipment for obtaining sediment and soil cores.

Biology sampling gear @ 3800 – will include equipment such as nets and electronic identification tags that will be used to capture and/or monitor biological samples such as fish and turtles.

Operations (Total 3 year budget $198,313 - $76,300 grant funded, $122,013 institutional funding Consumable supplies @ $25,333 per year - will include lab supplies necessary for sample processing and atomic analysis for both academic year and summer, which will impact X students per year (e.g. clean acids, consumables for atomic spectroscopy (graphite tubes, Ar gas), pipet tips)

Travel/symposiums @$11,100 per year – will fund faculty and student travel to regional and national meetings to present the results of this research as well as the costs of poster.

Facilities Overhead – All institutional funded Evaluation – @$3000 per year – construction and analysis of surveys........

Library Acquisitions @ $2000 per year – will fund purchase of relevant texts as well as interlibrary loans.