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  • Done:
    • Create android development platform (software chain)
    • Make a simple Hello World android application
    • Make an application that will read latitude and longitude
    • Learn about different sensors
    • Decide which sensor to use first
    • Contact people from Yoctopus about their sensor
    • Contact people from water sensor company
    • Learn how to spell without
  • Working on:
    • Learning more abut Yocto-Meteo
    • Testing its accuracy and precision
    • Figuring out the shape of grap output (final product)
  • To do:
    • Add altitude, # of satellites, precision, time and date to the application
    • Figure out how to make android device communicate with sensor probe
    • Make application store data in to the csv file (together with geocoded info) every time collect button is pressed
    • Create an option allowing upload of collected data to another server or cloud
    • Create a changeable timer that will initiate collect button every x minutes
    • Design s simple web interface using tool such as Gnuplot to automatically visualize uploaded temperature data

  • Note to myself, learn how to spell without spellchecker, one day you might use paper agan...