Importing Posit into Eclipse

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  1. Download the Posit source code from Mercurial to somewhere you'll remember.
  2. Remember to change the branch
  3. Open Eclipse
  4. Go to File -> Import
  5. Under "General", click on "Existing Projects into Workspace"
  6. Hit Next
  7. Browse your workspace directory and find the Posit project folder you downloaded with Mercurial
  8. Check the "Copy projects into workspace" box
  9. Click Finish
  10. You may have to wait a while. There is a status animation in the lower right of Eclipse - wait until it is done!

Please Note: If you have issues running the program try:

  • Restarting Eclipse a couple of times
  • Deleting any other projects from the "Package Explorer" toolbar (they will not delete from the workspace directory)

Please keep posting solutions if you run into any other problems