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     -- Installation Instructions for CMUgraphicsLib Version 2.x.y --

The original installation instructions are in INSTALL.orig These notes are specific to the ECCS patched version



CMUgraphicsLib is currently only known to compile on ubuntu linux

If you are using the GLUT (default) renderer, it should in theory compile (and perhaps run) on any system that supports OpenGL and has a native port of the GLUT library.

This version does not depend on the (long broken) gltt library or on any TrueType font library. This is because it does not support TrueType fonts.


Compiling CMUgraphicsLib requires the following things:

- A reasonably modern C++ compiler.  gcc 2.81 is my baseline standard.  
  CodeWarrior also seems to be reasonably capable.  Visual C++ may require 
  some tweaking.  Last time I looked at the various Borland/Inprise product 
  line, they did not meet my definition of modern.  Your milage may very.
- If you are using the GLUT (default) renderer you will need the following 
  libraries to compile it:

OpenGL 1.1 - If your video hardware has support for GL you will want

                     to use the drivers that come with it.  If you are trying 
                     to compile for Windows, the system and compiler should 
                     already come with the appropriate libraries, headers, and
                     drivers.  Apple distributes their own GL libraries, 

headers, and drivers at:

                     BeOS also comes with all the neccessary libraries, 
                     headers, and drivers in the default installation.  If 
                     you don't fall into one of these cases you will want to 
                     download and build againt Mesa which can be obtained 
 	   GLUT 3.x - GLUT is a toolkit built ontop of OpenGL and the 
                     particular operating system you are using.  The Windows
                     and Unix versions of GLUT can be:

 		      Apple provides their own version of GLUT along with their

OpenGL drivers. The BeOS version of GLUT can be

                     downloaded at:

      libPNG 1.0.5 - libPNG provides support for loading and saving PNG 

                     In the futue this may become an optional library that you 
                     can choose whether to include at compile-time.

JPEGlib v6b - JPEGlib provides support for loading and saving JPEG

                     In the futue this may become an optional library that you 
                     can choose whether to include at compile-time.
- If you want to fiddle with the provided configuration scripts you 
  will need to have autoconf, automake, and libtool which can be obtained


ECCS Patched version

This is configured for ECCS linux and BSD platforms with POSIX threads There is no configuration script in this tarball Just

 make install

If you want to put it somewhere besides /usr/local use

 make PREFIX=<installation location> install

(no trailing `/' on installation location)

One can also build a non-standard version with

 make VERSION=<some short string>
 make VERSION=<same short string> install


There are out of date man pages in man/ which are not installed by make install. A much hacked html manual is in the accompanying project cmg2docs/