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Video Cards and Set-up Methods

“How to set up Linux with multiple monitors on multiple video cards.” http://www.interparse.com/debianmultihead/

“Using multiple monitors with XFree86.” Overview of different methods. http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/Using_multiple_monitors_with_XFree86

“Build a Six-headed, Six-user Linux System.” Not sure is this is completely relevant, but it looks interesting. http://linuxgazette.net/124/smith.html

9X Media’s comparison chart for multiple head video cards http://www.9xmedia.com/Pages-products/4000%20-video%20cards.html

A general reference site for multiple head setups sponsored by 9X Media http://www.multiplemonitors.org/

Multiple head video card manufacturers' sites

Matrox – multiple head card listings http://www.matrox.com/graphics/en/corpo/products/home.php

Colorgraphic – specializes in multiple head cards http://www.colorgraphic.net/

ATI – FireGL series cards http://ati.amd.com/products/firegl.html


Old ACL Monitors

Dell spec page http://support.dell.com/support/edocs/monitors/1702fp/en/specs.htm


Multiple head video card driver software

Xi Graphics – Unix/Linux driver for many of the multiple head cards including many from Matrox, Colorgraphic, and ATI. Not free. http://www.xig.com/

Xinerama setup instructions http://www.faqs.org/docs/Linux-HOWTO/Xinerama-HOWTO.html

Data Visualization Software

"Developing a Personal Computer-Based Data Visualization System Using Public Domain Software" http://www.futurevisions.net/pchen/pcvis/index.htm

IBM's visualization site. People can upload data-sets and visualize them using different preset modes. Somewhat like Excel graphs in some ways. http://services.alphaworks.ibm.com/manyeyes/home

Unisys WXP - Sophisticated commercial weather visualization software http://weather.unisys.com/wxp/Overview.html