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Download NTP

[NTP: The Network Time Protocol]

(the version i got)
wget http://www.eecis.udel.edu/~ntp/ntp_spool/ntp4/ntp-4.2.2p4.tar.gz

Configure with -static, run make

cd ntp-4.2.2p4/
./configure CFLAGS="-static"

Copy ntpdate to PMP

cd to ntpdate/
scp ntpdate root@pmp2:/usr/local/bin

Set time zone

  • I grabbed EST5EDT from codd.
scp /usr/share/zoneinfo/EST5EDT root@pmp2:/usr/share/zoneinfo/
  • Link to localtime
cd /etc
ln -l /usr/share/zoneinfo/EST5EDT localtime

Run at startup

  • I'm not sure of the proper way to do this. Works though.
touch /etc/init.d/sync_time
vi /etc/init.d/sync_time
/usr/local/bin/ntpdate cs.earlham.edu
echo Syncing with cs.earlham.edu
  • Add to rc3.d
cd /etc/rc.d/rc3.d/
ln -s ../../init.d/sync_time S73SYNCTIME