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Real Goods Solar Panel Store Solar Electric Systems Bitterroot Solar Solar Energy Industry Charge Controller, Regulators Manufacturers SCI Controllers: MrSolar.com Morningstar: MrSolar.com


Wind Power 1.0 Wind Generator EERE Consumer's Guide: Small Wind Electric Systems EERE Consumer's Guide: Estimating Your Wind Resource Wind Powering America: Indiana Wind Map 90S.Telecom Small Wind Turbine Gallery Small Wind Turbine Manufacturers in the United States MWind renewable power Inc. Marlec Engineering Co Ltd Southwest Windpower Electricity Generation Using Small Wind Turbines At Your Home Or Farm Scoraig Wind Electric Archive of Articles on Small & Household-size Wind Turbines by Paul Gipe Small Wind Turbines: Primer - The Alternative Energy Store Small wind turbine - Google Search


The Perl Directory perlthrtut - tutorial on threads in Perl Perl Threads Perl 5.8 Documentation - Thread threads - perldoc.perl.org Thread - manipulate threads in Perl Things you need to know before programming Perl ithreads Tips on using Perl's map function and command-line parsing Device::SerialPort threads - Perl interpreter-based threads - search.cpan.org Perl Notes ts-7000 : Message: Perl on the TS7200?

Cell Model / PPP Connection

General Protocol Info

RFC 1334 PPP Authentication Protocols RFC 1661 The Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP) Wikipedia: Link Control Protocol Wikipedia: Access Point Name

Offical AT&T Info

Support | AT&T, formerly Cingular

   AT&T Support Pages 

Create an Extra Initialization String in Windows 2000 and XP Creating a Dial-up Networking connection in Linux

GPRS APN username/password listings

Ross Barkman's GPRS Info Page

   Information on GPRS networks 

Internet access GPRS settings

   GPRS, UTMS, EDGE, CDMA wireless network settings for phones running QuickIM, mobile MSN AOL instant messenger for Nokia, Motorola, BlackBerry, Palm and Treo.... 

WebMessenger Inc. APN settings

AT Commands for Text Messaging

How to Use the +CMGR AT Command to Read SMS Text Messages

   Provides an example that demonstrates how to use the +CMGR AT command to read SMS text messages from a message storage area when SMS text mode is used. 

Reading SMS Messages from Message Storage Using AT Commands

   Learn how to read SMS messages from a message storage area using AT commands. Learn the differences between +CMGR and +CMGL. 

gprs connection setup in linux - Google Search How to Hook up PPP in Linux Linux GPRS/EDGE via Bluetooth ts-7000 : Message: Re: TS-GSM1 on a 7260 - LCP negotiation?

   ts-7000: TS-7000 ARM SBC 

Wavecom GR64 International Numbering Plans

   International Numbering Plans, A collection of all international numbering plans in the world. 

Cingular Wireless Internet Express (GPRS) with unlocked Ericsson T39

   Also applies to Ericsson phones that are similar (e.g., T68) 

YSI Sonde


Technologic Systems Index of ftp://ftp.embeddedarm.com/ts-arm-linux-cd/ Connectronics The Linux ORiNOCO Driver | Documentation Wireless Howto EP Solar


NC25A, Wind and Solar Charge Control, Wind Charge Controller

   Wind power and Solar power Products and Services - Alternative Energy - Off Grid Living