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  • 8 March - 1 hour - Made "Hello, World!" with Eclipse on Mac OSX for 4.0.3 Download
  • 23 March - 1 hour - Checked out posit source, imported it into Eclipse, tried to run it through the emulator
  • 25 March - 1 hour - Wiped out previous source folders, deleted project entry in Eclipse. Followed wiki instructions to download source, import, etc. Errors.
  • 26 March - 30 minutes - Looked over the possible sources for our bug with Leif. Couldn't make progress because of no local server to play with.
  • 30 March - 1 hour
    • redid everyone's network registrations for android devices
    • created a project, added a few finds to it, shared the project with Tristan, he added some finds
  • 5 April - 1 hour - zorched existing posit code on my machine, re-downloaded from Charlie's checkout, imported new code into eclipse
  • 6 April - 30 minutes - Got posit from class checkout working on Leif's phone, synced successfully. Got posit registered on the class phone, couldn't sync
  • 9 April - 2 hours - Worked on bug fix with Leif, got nowhere. Can't figure out what piece/pieces of code are relevant to the bug.
  • 12 April - 2 hours - Continued to work on posit with Leif. Found multiple bugs in the server code and figured out how to fix at least one of them.
  • 15 April - 4 hours
    • cleaned up some of the server side code (fixed indentation, removed deprecated HTML tags)
    • Worked on delete bugs with Leif. Fixed server side delete bug, got a better idea of what the client side delete bug is
  • 19 April - 2 hours
    • Fixed duplicate display of images in view find pages
    • Fixed duplicate display of images in thumbnail for view project page
    • Added view deleted finds page, and un-delete functionality