Fall 2011

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To Do Fall 2011

  • Fix network port for DELL (CP) - Sunday
  • Move weather data to postgress (IB) - Working on transfer script and writing directly to postgres, filter bogus data in a view
  • Finish wiring on solar (TW, BS) - Waiting on wall clips, Ben to send Charlie the size
  • Finish EDisplay (S, G) - Checking comment script, add weather, add more buildings when data is available
  • Mount EDisplays (ALL) - Networking on Sunday
  • Figure out best high visibility project (ALL) - Ben working on boiler spec and setting-up a Friday lunch meeting with Portland company.
  • Figure out SEPAM addressing (BS, CP) - Maintenance is hiring a Scheinder Electric person who will do this while on-campus
  • Engineer individual building monitors (BS) - Considering a Square D unit since we work with a lot of that gear already.
  • Information sign (TW, IB)
  • Degree day calculations (Corey)
  • Occupancy normalization - (All) Consider number of person hours per building per day.