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Elevation 1. 13m 2. 13m 3. By estimation 13m
Elevation 1. 13m 2. 13m 3. By estimation 13m
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Lab Write-up for Group Black


Our task was to estimate and determine the distance between the Fan Museum, at 12 Croom's Hill, London SE10 8ER 020 8305 1441, and the Prim Meridian, to find the latitude, longitude, and elevation, and determine the surroundings of the Museum (what was north and south of it). Our approach to these tasks utilized a GPS, a compass, a scarf, Charlie’s angle finder, Google Earth and Google Maps. While on location, we walked the distance from point A to point B once with the GPS and a second time using a scarf as a measuring device (the scarf was not a accurate as the our other means of measurement). In Greenwich we also looked at the surrounding area (N and S), looked at the street poles to find the longitude and latitude and used the angle finding device to find the elevation of our museum from sea level.

The location from which we were working was in a quiet part of town on a calm street where the Fan Museum was tucked away on the edge of a residential area.

Data Collection

Due North: Greenwich Theatre

Due South: Residential building

Distance between spot and prime meridian found by: Scarf, GPS, Google Earth

Data Analysis

It was hard to find the accurate distance between spot and prime meridian because the road we used to find the distance on was not a straight line and we were also faced with obstacles like a wall on our way therefore we had to go around the wall and that might have produced some errors in our calculations. We also went halfway and estimated the distance of the other half; this might not be accurate because our judgment of half way might not have been the real half way of the total distance we were measuring.


1. GPS 2. Google Earth 3. lightpost

Latitude 1.N 51.28° 2.N 51.28° 3.N 51.28°

Longitude 1.0°00'28.83" 2.W 0°00'28.83" 3.W 0°00'28.83" W

Elevation 1. 13m 2. 13m 3. By estimation 13m

Reviewed - 21 February 2011