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Paper Items

  • 20/Oct - 22/Oct
    • Continued to work on Survey Paper revision. Added images, changed or expanded explanations in a few places, identified ideas for further research. Added bibliography, citations, and table of contents.
  • 31/Oct
    • Expanded section on parallelizing FFTs and added subsection about FFTW
  • 5/Nov
    • Edited section on frequency spectrum, added an image. More expansion to come.
  • 7/Nov
    • Added section describing the 3 main states of a speech wave.
  • 13/Nov
    • Continued to read about Fourier Series and Fourier Analysis
    • Started section about pedagogical aspects of the project, not much yet

Project Items

  • 31/Oct
    • started working on getting FFTW installed to play with
  • 12/Nov
    • Downloaded Audacity and started messing with it


  • Updated 26/Oct
  • Updated 31/Oct
  • Updated 5/Nov
  • Updated 6/Nov
  • Updated 7/Nov
  • Updated 12/Nov
  • Updated 13/Nov

To Do List // Notes

  • Find a good picture and some more information on formants. At least picture
  • More understanding of Fourier math
    • Is there anything that explains the Fourier series in a similar way to "Who Is Joseph Fourier?" -- Yes. The wiki page. Duh.
  • How to use FFTW
  • section about pedagogical aspects of the project
  • Analyzing the voice section: How to get from sound file to DFT
    • How do I get from audio file to an array? of values I can give to FFTW?
  • Differences between male and female voice
  • Look into Octave (open source analog of MatLab)