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(Our POSIT Bugs/Features)
(Our POSIT Tutorials)
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* Exporting POSIT as an APK from Eclipse (Charlie)
* Exporting POSIT as an APK from Eclipse (Charlie)
*[[Making Posit Work on the Handhelds]]
*[[Making Posit Work on the Handhelds]]
* Using Mercurial (Nick)
===Our POSIT Bugs/Features===
===Our POSIT Bugs/Features===

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POSIT Project Resources

Our POSIT Pointers

Our POSIT Tutorials

Our POSIT Bugs/Features

  • Aaron and Tristan
    1. Finish empty find bug, commit changes to Google code repository
    2. Add client optional client logging, at least all attempts to connect to server and response (if any)
  • Sean and Nick
    1. Improve server log format and content, consistent entries when actions are taken
    2. Improve the server side error handling, at minimum a function that logs what was happening and the message
    3. Add a client activity log to the server, could be a live feed from /var/log/httpd/{access, error}_log
  • Leif and Gus
    1. Fix the server's Google Maps API key
    2. Fix the 2x display of pictures
    3. Consider the single frame solution to providing a /m interface for the server
    4. Consider the deletes not synced but, two different approaches (delete vs flag and filter), reconcile how the clients do this and how the server does this, one approach for all?
    5. Provide an interface for viewing deleted finds and un-deleting them
  • Gustavo and Jeremy
    1. Fix the Google Maps display missing on the client, script and instructions for people to install a key
    2. Consider how to add a sensor reading to the client's tracking mode.
  • Reconcile how the client and the server handle deletes, provide an interface for viewing deleted finds and un-deleting them

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