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(Our POSIT Bugs/Features)
(Our POSIT Tutorials)
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*[[Importing Posit into Eclipse]]
*[[Importing Posit into Eclipse]]
*[[Running Posit in the AVD]]
*[[Running Posit in the AVD]]
* Exporting POSIT as an APK from Eclipse
* Running Posit on your device via Eclipse (Tristan)
* Exporting POSIT as an APK from Eclipse (Charlie)
*[[Making Posit Work on the Handhelds]]
*[[Making Posit Work on the Handhelds]]

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POSIT Project Resources

Our POSIT Pointers

Our POSIT Tutorials

Our POSIT Bugs/Features

  • Aaron and Tristan - finish empty find bug
  • Sean and Nick - server log format and content, then client log
  • Leif and Gus - server maps API key, 2x display of pictures, deletes not synced (two different approaches?)
  • Gustavo and Jeremy - maps display missing on client tracking

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