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Both versions of the department's website run off Quark.


The staging server can be accessed at This contains a copy of everything on the website and everything that's currently being worked on. We'll use this as a place to make changes before we commit them to going live. Note: This is the only place that you should make changes to the website!!

The files for the staging site are located on quark at /clients/www/staging/html and /clients/www/staging/cgi-bin.


After we've reviewed changes to a page or to a project, we can copy them over to the live website by using rsync. This can be either just files or entire directories. Immediately after, commit the changes to the CVS tree by running

cvs commit

from inside the html directory.

The files for the live website are located on quark at /clients/www/html and /clients/www/html/cgi-bin/.


There's a lot of currently unused stuff in /clients/www and also in the html directory. Some of this is currently part of CVS. Eventually we should move over to SVN and only put in there stuff that's actually used.

Accessing Quark from Home

Shell Access

You can get remote access to a command line on quark remotely using SSH. If you're running Mac OS X or Linux, you already have a built-in shell that you can use. For Windows, you'll need to download Putty:

You don't need to install it: it's entirely a self-contained .exe file.

Transferring Files

You can transfer files back and forth from Quark using SCP (a file transfer protocol that runs over SSH). Download WinSCP: